Steph RG

Hi! I’m Steph RG , a lifetime animal lover, vegan (most of the time), loves a good bass beat, red wine, and walking barefoot in the forest. After experimenting with different studies I finally graduated cum laude for my Master’s environmental science in Amsterdam. Academics allowed me to combine science with my passions for sustainability and a never-ending thirst for knowledge. In my years studying I however realized that my creative side wasn’t satisfied just by splashing out acrylic paintings in my free time. Launching So Now You Know with Cat, my best friend of 10+ years, gave me all the freedom to dive into interesting topics while letting me have fun with audio editing, social media, website management and, of course, content creation. I currently live in the Netherlands with my loving husband, two bunnies and soon (hopefully!) a dog. Any free time goes right into yoga, eating good food, reading books and keeping an eye out for the next interesting topic for the podcast!

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