The Podcast

So Now You Know is the brainchild resulting from both Cat and I (Steph) being unemployed at the same period in the beginning of 2017. Desperately looking for something to keep our minds occupied during these times, we thought, “hey, why not try and set something up together?” and so we did.

We’re beaming brainparents who hope that SNYK brings you content which opens your eyes through your ears. From historical events to current scientific debates; from riveting biographies to cultural differences and the way our brains and emotions control us, we love bringing you content with just a hint of social awareness dashed in. Episodes get published on a bi-weekly basis and we try to post other tidbits in between. Want to suggest a topic for a podcast or just say hi? Feel free to contact us through our contact page, Twitter, Facebook or through the listener mail given in our episodes.

We hope you find something you like on our site and through our podcast!

So Now You Know😉

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