Author: Cat

Experiments gone wrong?

From the time of the ancient Greeks, we’ve been trying to understand what makes people tick. Why do we do the things we do? Like what we do, believe what we do? Truth beRead more


In case you hadn’t heard, gender inequality kind of sucks. As women we tend to give more attention to the ways in which it negatively affects us, but the fact is it’s just asRead more

Cat & Steph Do the Privilege Walk: Part 1

Privilege. Chances are you’ve heard, read, talked, maybe even had a heated twitter war about it. It’s defined as “a special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class,Read more

21st Century Shackles: Modern Day Slavery

Around the world there are currently millions of people being held in captivity, being forced to work against their will, living in horrible conditions, and being denied the most basic of human rights. Freedom.Read more

Norse myths: Creation and Ragnarok

 Odin, Thor, Loki – even if you’re not a comic fan, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ll have at least heard about them. They were gods of the vikings, ancient Norse seafarersRead more