Author: Steph

Invisible People: the Plight of the Stateless

Our freedom and rights as citizens of a country are invaluable. Belonging to a State not only gives us access to education, healthcare, legal protection, and freedom of movement, it also contributes a greatRead more

Daily grounds: The History of Coffee

We drink over 2 billion cups of it every day, we post filtered snaps of cups with our misspelled names, we take it black, with sugar and cream, half caf, no caf, frothy, andRead more

This is it! The SNYK Podcast

This is it, pod people! We’re proud to announce So Now You Know, a podcast through which we hope to open your eyes through your ears. The production of our podcast is a newRead more

All the props: the creation of our logo

Books, microphones, magnifying glasses, a stack of papers, a pair of nerdy glasses: All of these items were considered when Cat and I first brainstormed about which everyday items could work well with our name.Read more

Recording sessions

This is how we do: Recording our podcast from our home bedrooms. More pics to be added as we go! As you can see, not much is required for producing a podcast. Just goodRead more