All the props: the creation of our logo

Books, microphones, magnifying glasses, a stack of papers, a pair of nerdy glasses: All of these items were considered when Cat and I first brainstormed about which everyday items could work well with our name. Let me tell you, as fun as it is working with your best friend, the creative process requires lots of compromise sometimes! When we finally decided a light bulb suited both our tastes as well as the idea of So Now You Know, we celebrated our breakthrough only to come to a crashing halt again. Now what?

Luckily for us, we were in close cahoots with the main designer of graphic design company First Designs In fact, the owner of the company, Dennis van Voorst, is my husband’s best friend. Talk about good connections! We put the fate of our brand completely in the hands of First Designs and they ran with it.

Equipped with only our podcast name, the notion that we wanted “something to do with a light bulb” and our preferred colors, First Designs produced a true to life 3D (!!) light bulb graphic along with a selection of options for a logo icon, and a smooth font and banner. As newbies to not only podcasting but website design, we were completely stoked! First Designs saved our graphic noob butts. By the way, we’re only a little bit biased due to the fact that their services were sponsored and the owner is a close friend 😀 .

Still, there’s no way around it, we were treated professionally, efficiently and communication was fast and clear. No feedback from our side was too much and there was no such thing as a stupid question (even though we probably did ask some really silly ones). We never dreamed of a 3D image and First Designs rocked it. Eager to try their hand at more 3D designs, they welcome more projects. Of course, 2D designs are welcome also and all we can say is give them a try. From our point of view it’s a 10/10 would come again.

So, if you’re tired of us praising our logo designer (it’s a great design though, isn’t it?) we’ll end this post by referring you to First Designs’ website

If it wasn’t obvious yet, we’re very grateful for our logo’s creators. Still, for good measure: Thanks Dennis!

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