My mom said: She can tell if your baby will be a boy or girl!

This Sunday it’s mother’s day and since Cat and I both love our moms to the moon and back, we decided to pay tribute in this episode!

Ever looked at a baby bump and instantly thought ‘she must be carrying a girl’ just based on the shape of the belly? Maybe you’ve heard that eating pineapples can prevent and clear up pregnancy related skin irritations? Or you’ve passed on the story that eating really spicy foods can help bring on labor in the long overdue mom-to-be? If so, you’re one of the millions of people to have, in one form or another, come in touch with the rich folklore surrounding pregnancy. But is there any truth to these stories? In this episode we ask just this question and try to distinguish fact from fiction in some of the more popular pregnancy myths!

Bump shape and size, pineapples, and spicy foods are just the beginning. Join us for a fun one and to find out what pearls of pregnancy wisdom our moms (among other sources) have given away.
P.S. Happy early mother’s day to all moms out there!

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Episode sources: 
Our moms and mom friends. <Skin care product safety>

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  1. Esther Ragghoe says:

    My favourite episode so far, “My mom said: …”! Listened to it again, today and enjoyed it again!
    Thanks, Cat and Steph.
    Oh, and just wanted to say: not scratching your growing (stretching) belly with your nails, may decrease the appearance of stretchmarks.
    Also, did you know that some moms crave odd things like chalk, lipstick and mud?

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