Daily grounds: The History of Coffee

A steaming cup of black elixir… yummy!

We drink over 2 billion cups of it every day, we post filtered snaps of cups with our misspelled names, we take it black, with sugar and cream, half caf, no caf, frothy, and iced. One thing’s for sure, we can hardly imagine a world without it anymore. It’s the black elixir of life, it’s coffee. Oh yes, we’re definitely under its spell and we don’t want to be disenchanted. It’s such a regular aspect of daily life, but where exactly did coffee come from? How was it discovered? What does it even look like before it’s served roasted, ground up and served to us with a cookie on the side?

In our first ever episode we dive into these questions and more as we dig into the history of coffee! We take a look at its discovery and discuss tasty bits like how it used to be punishable by drowning to drink coffee multiple times in its history – what?! – and how coffee was actually eaten before it was drunk.

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Episode sources:
Pendergrast, M. (2010). Uncommon grounds: The history of coffee and how it transformed our world. Basic Books.


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