The Whats and Whys of the Anti-Vaccination Movement

In the past two decades, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the amount of people refusing to vaccinate themselves or their children. Dubbed ‘the anti-vaxx movement’, the trend has brought about much discord between many people. From parents to scientists, doctors and politicians, the media has not failed to the highlight very differing opinions.

Poised on the tip of a needle, the debate is as heated as ever, and all the opposing “facts” just lead to more unrest and confusion. What’s true? Who can we trust? And why is it such a big deal what other people do, anyway? Join us in this episode as we take a look at the origin of both vaccination and the recent anti-vaccination trend as we try to make a little sense of things. We also highlight why we think the debate has been so inconclusive and offer another view to this troublesome saga.

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