Cat & Steph Do the Privilege Walk: Part 1

Privilege. Chances are you’ve heard, read, talked, maybe even had a heated twitter war about it. It’s defined as “a special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste“. Nowadays we see it often in the context of white privilege, heterosexual privilege, and male privilege. While these are very real and very important to talk about, we were surprised to see that privilege comes in so many forms, many of which we don’t even think twice about. There are plenty of factors that can give one person an advantage over another person, sometimes in a seemingly insignificant way, but when added over time can actually have a pretty big impact.

This week we decided to look at ourselves and “test” (so to speak) how privileged (or not) we are. You’ve maybe seen the exercise called the Privilege Walk making its way around the social media sphere, well we’ve done our own version of it. We went through the statements that are used for the exercise, looked at how they apply to us, and what kind of privilege they’re addressing.

To still give you a visual we’re gonna experiment with some stop motion animation (bear with us) showing our privilege walk in action. And we’re happy to be including our friends Erol and Edonne  who graciously agreed to help us out. The recordings were longer than expected, so we’re going to be splitting it in two parts. We’ll release the video together with the second part next week . But first here’s Part 1 of Cat & Steph Do the Privilege Walk!

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  1. Esther Ragghoe says:

    Suggestion for a future episode: “My cultural ancestry”

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