Cat & Steph Do the Privilege Walk: Part 2

This week we dive back into privilege as we finish the privilege walk exercise. Steph calls Cat a hippie, we despair at the injustice in the world, and manage to bring up a Disney movie in the process; a feat for some, for us just an ordinary afternoon. We also, somewhat unfortunately, announce that we’re going to be publishing episodes on a bi-weekly basis from now on. Mainly because of …well life. We want to give every episode the attention it deserves to bring you quality content. So who knows, our episodes might even be better from now on 😉

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Oh, and watch the video to see our positions at the end of the privilege walk, together with 3 very awesome friends! From left to right, we are: A heterosexual female of light skin tone (A.K.A. Cat), A bisexual female of coloured skin tone (A.K.A. Steph), a homosexual male of coloured skin tone, a heterosexual male of white skin tone, and a heterosexual male of slightly coloured skin tone. All five of us are cis-gendered and fall somewhere between the age group of 18 to 30.

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