The horrors of job seeking: Anxiety and other effects on well-being

Job search stormy weather

Job hunting: We all do it at some point in our lives. Whether it be for a part time summer job, an exciting career change, or a regular nose to the grind, need to pay the bills, 9-to-5 day job; it’s inevitable. In fact, now that SNYK is up and running, Cat and I are currently in the process of getting ourselves hired as well. But what a task that is!

On average, a job-seeker goes through 100+ applications before receiving an offer for a job they want (no, that was not a typo). What’s more, during more difficult economic periods the process of finding work can sometimes drag on and the necessary evil becomes an almost literal Damoclean sword. Anxiety and other illness as a result of long-term unsuccessful job-hunting is a real thing. In this episode we look at the exact psychological effects adversity in the job search can bring about.

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Unemployment in select major economies:

Country Unemployment Rate (01-2017) Trend
World 5,7 descending
The United States 4,8 ascending
The Netherlands 5,3 descending
The United Kingdom 4,8 descending
Russia 5,6 ascending
China 4,0 descending
Canada 6,8 descending
Australia 5,7 descending
South Africa 26,5 descending
Mexico 3,6 ascending
Greece 23 descending
Qatar 0,2 descending
Bosnia and Herzegovina 40,9 descending

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Finally someone tackles this topic. Companies have all the power, which is normal but still, applicants are people so treat them as such! And yes I want to know what you intend to pay me, otherwise do not waste my time!

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